Relay and IO Modules

Part CodeDescriptionPriceBulkQtyAdd
AUD Raise/Lower to Analogue Module £170.00  
RM1-6MM-12 12Vac/dc 6mm Relay Module £6.40  
RM1-6MM-230 230Vac/dc 6mm Relay Module £8.90  
RM1-6MM-24 24 Vac/dc 6mm Relay Module £6.90  
IOAD20 Analogue to 20 Relay Card £128.00  
IOFS24-10 Volt Free To Voltage Converter £25.00  
IOR1-10DC 10Vdc Single Relay and Base £4.00  
IOR1-24DC 24Vdc Single Relay and Base £4.35  
IOR1-24AC 24Vac Single Relay and Base £4.85  
IOR1-230AC 230Vac Single Relay and Base £6.80  
IOR2 Two Stage Relay Module £16.50  
IOR3 Three Stage Relay Module £24.00  
IOR4 Four Stage Relay Module £37.00  
IOR6 Six Stage Relay Module £45.00  
IOR8 Eight Stage Relay Module £65.00  
NP-NRM-10 Adjustable Relay Module £50.00  
IOVR1 Adjustable Single Relay Module £22.00  
IOMR1 Single Channel Override Relay Module £13.00  
IOMR4 Four Channel Override Relay Module £73.00  
IOD4 Four Channel Digital Input Multiplexer - VFC input £22.00  
IODIM6-MI-I Six Channel Digital Input Multiplexer (Current) £55.00  
IODIM6-MI-V Six Channel Digital Input Multiplexer (Voltage) £55.00  
ARM Analogue Rescaling Module £85.00  
IO6N1 Max, Min, Average Module £160.00  
IO-VI Voltage to Current Conversion Module £42.00  
IOEPC Electro-pneumatic Converter £140.00  
IOPC2 Dual Phase Cut Module 30VA per channel £73.00  
IOPC1-120 Phase Cut Module 120VA £120.00  
CAD-AP Multi Input Remote Alarm £66.00  
IO-ALM10-24 10 channel alarm integrator module 24Vac/dc £19.00  
IO-ALM10-230 10 channel alarm integrator module 230Vac £18.00  

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

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