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The NPC-60X is a Proportional/Integral Temperature Controller with Lo-Limit and other advanced features. Setpoint can be adjusted remotely by using Digital Remote, External Pot or 0-10VDC source. The controller has separate analogue 0-10VDC proportional outputs for heating and cooling so requires no configuration for outputs prior to use. The unit offers individual Proportional band and Deadband adjustment of each output and separate adjustment of Heating and Cooling Integral Time. The controller is designed specifically to control Damper Actuators, Thyristor Controllers, Relay Modules etc.


Power Supply

24VAC/DC, -15/+10% 130mA max

Temperature and Setpoint Range

-5C to 95C, 0.1C Resolution

Main and Lo-Limit Sensors

NTC 10K3A1, Offset is user adjustable 5C, 0.1C Resolution

Integral Time (Heating & Cooling)

0 to 500seconds

Proportional Band (Prop band)

0-50C, 1C Resolution


0-10C, 1C Resolution

Night Set-back

-5C to 95C, 0.1C Resolution

External Setpoint Input

Digital Remote, Ext. Pot/0-10VDC

External Pot Resistance

User selectable from Menu: 0-10KΩ, 1-11KΩ, 0-5KΩ and 560Ω-10560Ω

External Pot Setpoint Range

User selectable: 4C, 5C, 10C, 20C, 5/35C, -5/45C, 0/50C, -10/50C, 30/90C, 40/90C, 25/95C, -5/95C

External 0-10VDC Setpoint Range

User adjustable: anywhere between -5C to 95C with minimum difference of 1C

Lo-Limit Range

0C to 30C, 0.1C Resolution

Digital Remote Range (Setpoint Adjuster)

User adjustable: anywhere between -5C to 95C with minimum difference of 1C

Proportional Outputs (Heating and Cooling)

Digitally Calibrated 0-10VDC, 5mA per output max at 10VDC


113 x 82 x 47 (W x H x D)



Four or Six (NPC-604/NPC-606) Analogue outputs, 2/3 Heating outputs and 2/3 Cooling outputs

Digitally calibrated 0-10VDC proportional outputs

Separate outputs for Heating and Cooling, i.e., Plug n Play, no configuration required

Full Proportional + Integral action with Lo-Limit. Integral action can be switch off if not required while Lo-Limit is auto disabled when Lo-Limit sensor not connected

Separate Integral Time for Heating and Cooling allowing it to be used for Heating and Cooling with or without Integral.

Analogue output value in (%) is displayed on LCD. All Proportional outputs have Blinking LEDs with a Blinking rate directly proportional to Analogue output. e.g. output with 0% is completely off while for 100% solid lit

User friendly Back-lit 16X2 LCD Display with 5Way Navigation Switch

Temperature and Setpoint range from -5C to +95C with a resolution of 0.1C. Min and Max Setpoint range is user adjustable

Temperature Sensors offset feature. With this feature, individual offset of 5C with a resolution of 0.1C can be adjusted to eliminate error for Main and Lo-Limit Temperature Sensors.

Night Set-back option. Indication is provided on LCD when Night Set-back is activated

Choice of Remote Setpoint input, i.e. two-wire Digital and Analogue:


Digital Remote requires no external power therefore Power and Data is Transmitted/Received simultaneously over a pair of wires with NORPOSH Intelligent Communication Protocol with CRC (checksum) on both side for error free Temperature and Setpoint Display

Analogue input is user selectable for Resistance and Voltage (0-10VDC) input to control Setpoint externally.

Resistance input can be selected from menu for 0-10KΩ, 1-11KΩ, 0-5KΩ and 560-10560Ω. Variety of pre-defined External Pot ranges gives an option to use different available POTs in the market.

0-10VDC Analogue Setpoint input range can be selected anywhere between -5C to +95C. So this feature gives option to control the Setpoint via BMS or BACnet I/O Modules with 0-10VDC output

24VAC/DC Power input

Din-rail PCB Holder


Specification Guide

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