Fully programmable Touch Screen Room Controller 24Vdc ONLY Frame Size 2

Product Code: RS2-S-D-BLACK    
Price (each): £155.00


Frame Size 2: 103.5 x 86.0 x 42.7

Please refer to data sheet for full technical information.

All Frame size 2 Room Controllers require the B2F-W £40.00


R-ION series products are programmable room controllers ideal for managing a wide range of individual building products such as fan-coil units and VAV boxes. Extremely flexible customization options are available thanks to configurable color touchscreen and full programmability. In addition to HVAC, lighting control and other functions can easily be integrated.

Two-piece solution greatly simplifes installation on the wall-unit side, as the IO module can be located close to the terminal unit being controlled, with only comms wiring into the wall unit.

R-ION controllers support various industry standard protocols simultaneously.

The main supervisory system communication is serial RS485 or wireless IP:

  • WIFI versions support Sox protocol, BACnet IP & Modbus TCP
  • Serial versions support BACnet MSTP (as slave) and Modbus RTU i (master or slave)        

    Optionally, one or more of the following auxilliary communication ports may be available:
  • Second RS485 port (Modbus & DMX drivers available)
  • Belimo MP-Bus port
  • DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) port



Two versions of separately mounted modules provide cost-effective physical I/O that can be locally controlled. Connection to the wall unit is only two-wires, providing both communications and power.

R/MIO is optimized for fan-coil unit control, with 3-speed fan output and possibility to drive any type of control valve (on/off, raise/lower or modulating).

R/TIO is more capable for diverse applications, with a higher IO count and providing universal inputs.

Both devices can be extended by adding RK4 relay modules.

Operating voltage and power consumption 24 VDC / 2,5 VA  (Typically from R/MIO module)

Screen 3.5 Resistive touch-screen 320x240 pixel resolutiom 65K colors

Operating Temperature 5..50 C 

Storage Temperature -25..+75 C

Relative Humidity %5...95 rh, non-condensing

Weight 100 gr (150 gr with packaging)

Dimensions 103.5 x 86.0 x 42.7 (10.5) mm

Installation min.45 mm deep wall-box

Protection IP30 according to EN 60529

Connections Screw terminals, max 1 mm (26-16 AWG)

Communication Ports (depending on version)
Main RS485 (Modbus RTU master or slave)
Auxiliary RS485 (Modbus RTU master)
Belimo MP-Bus (Master)
DALI (Master)

Wireless communication Standard WIFI 802.11b



  • 3.5 resistive color touch-screen
  • Integral temperature sensor
  • Freely programmable
  • Fully customizable graphics
  • WIFI option
  • Belimo MP-Bus option
  • Dali (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) option
  • Modbus, BACnet, Dali, DMX, MP-Bus drivers
  • Low profile, only 10.5 mm thick
  • Optional input/output modules


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