Relay Module For Use With R/MIO- R/TIO & P-ION

Product Code: RK4    
Price (each): £57.00


RK4 is intended for use with various Ontrol controllers, or other BMS systems to enable on/off switching of loads. It provides 4 independently switchable relays. For each relay, both normally-open and normally-closed contacts are available for wiring LEDs indicate status of relays and supply voltage. 



Power Supply:  24Vac +/-%10, 50/60Hz or 24Vdc +/- %10 
Power Consumption:  2W 
Input Signals: 0-10 Vdc int 33 KOhm impedance
Output Contacts : 10A @ 230Vac (resistive load)
LED Indication: 4 x Relay status Power Supply Present
Connections: Plug-In Terminals, Max 1 x 2.5mm
Operating Temperature Range: -10..50C (14..122F)
Non-Operating Temp Range : -25...+75C (-13..+167F)
Humidity Range: 5...95 % rh,non-condensing
Dims: 114.80 x 69.60 x 56.10mm  with terminals 4.52 x 2.74 x 2.20"
Mounting: 35mm Standard Din rial Mounting
Protection: IP20


The RK4 has two modes of of operation:

Analog Control and Ribbon Cable Connection 


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